For Students, Counselors and Agencies:

About the Alcohol-Drug Abuse Course

These 16 classes were developed to help court mandated Substance Abuse offenders learn new skills.

Individuals:  Some courts will permit a person to take a course online.  We will supply you with the necessary documents to submit to the court for approval. (Some states do not approve of online courses.)  Our questions are not only True/False but are thought questions that require email correspondence between the student and one of our certified male and female counselors.  The cost of our online course is $35 an hour for each hour required by the court.  For example, an 8 hour course would cost $280 while a 2 hour course would cost only $70.

Agencies: A good PowerPoint projector (3,000 lumens) costs less than $300.  A large screen TV costs $500 or more.  Also, the projector is not limited in screen size like a TV.  Try the first few classes at no charge.

Students only retain 10% of material from lectures but 65% from visuals (Dept. of Labor Study).  Finally an effective visual package is available.  It contains the keys to change with Self-Evaluation Quizzes and Drill  Fitzpatrick also holds workshops and trains counselors.

The 16 Alcohol-Drug Abuse Classes include 2 videos for each class:

1.   Addiction Recognition1  Relationship between Alcohol-Drugs and Violence, Alcohol-Drug Use Quiz, Social Drinker Quiz, Dr. Amen on “Drugs and the Brain” (7 minute video), Joke, More on Substance Abuse, Definition of Substance Abuse, 9 Addiction Denials Song, Dr. Gabor Maté, MD on “What Is Addiction” (3 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

2.   Addiction Recognition2  Reviews, Three Stages of All Addictions, Alcohol-Drug-Adult-Teen Quiz, “Binge Drinking” (8 minute video), Joke, 8 Addiction Reasons Song, Dr. Gabor Maté, MD on “Is Addiction Genetic?” (7 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

3.   Addiction Recovery  Reviews, Dr. Gabor Maté, MD on “Roots of Addiction” (4 minute video),  Cycle of Recovery, Quality Addiction Pictures, Living Skills Self-Evaluation Quiz, Universal 12 Steps, Joke, Celebrity Recovery Story (14 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions, Appendix explaining the 12 Steps for a Freethinker.

4.   Impulsive Using-The 2nd Thought  Review, Joke, Relationship Between Impulsive Thinking and Violence, Victim Thinking Behavior, the Four Behaviors,  PFC & Lizard Brain, “Lizard Brain” Video (10 minutes), More on the Four Behaviors, Two Responses When Provoked, “Beautiful Mind” Video (13 minutes), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

5.   Handling Conflict Abstinent  Review, 20 Drills on Second Thought, Joke, Relationship Between Arguing and Using, 7 Peaceful Answers to Conflict, “Goozfraba” Video (8 minutes), 10 Steps to Successful Timeouts, Fair Fight Negotiation 1 and 2, Setting Boundaries, 10 Conflict Drill Questions, “Happily Ever After” (9 minute video), 3 Stages of Relationships, The Three Floors, Story Corps on Conflict, Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

6.   Fair Fight Sober Negotiation  Review, 7 Peaceful Answers to Conflict, Timeouts, “Timeout Song” (3 minute video), Review 10 Conflict Drill Questions, Relationship Between Stuffing Issues and Using, Joke, Review Fair Fight Negotiation, Three Fair Fight Negotiation Practice Issues, Counselor Example of a one sided Fair Fight Negotiation, Difference Between Anger that Sets Boundaries and Raging, “Resolving Conflict” with Dennis & Bijan (15 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

7.   Financial Pressures & Abstinence  Reviews, Relationship Between Financial Pressures & Substance Abuse, Financial Resources, “400%” (12 minute video on Payday Loans), Joke, Debt & Shopping Self-Evaluation Quiz, Wrong Reasons to Stay In a Relationship, Multi-Tasking Myth (1:20 video), Research on Multi-Tasking, Multi-Tasking Lowers IQ,  Multi-Tasking Lowers Emotional intelligence, The Family Alone Together, Sherry Turkle, Discussion Questions on Multi-Tasking, Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.         

8.   Conflict & Children  Reviews,  Relationship Between Punishment & Substance Abuse, Generational Substance Abuse, Strict Parent vs Nurturing Parent, AMA finds Spanking Hinders Discipline, “Stolen Childhood” (14 minute video), Drawbacks of Punishment, Restrictions, Rewards, Joke, Punishment, Restrictions, Rewards or
Fair Fight Negotiation, Fair Fight Negotiation with a Child, “First Impressions” (13 minute video), Helpful Books, Story Corp on Punishment, Punishment Self-Evaluation Quiz, Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

9.   Sexual Addiction & Substance Abuse  Reviews,  Relationship Between Sexual Tensions & Substance Abuse, Sex Addiction Levels 1,2,3; 4 Drawbacks to Level 1 Sex Addiction, “Addiction to Love” Song, Love Definitions, “Aids & Teens” (7 minute video), Joke, Level 1 Sex Self-Evaluation Quiz, “Consent” (3 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.         

10Controllers & Enablers  Reviews, Relationship Between Controlling Behavior and Substance Abuse,  Cycle of Codependent Recovery, Universal 12 Steps, Joke, Dr. Gabor Maté, MD on “Saying No,” Codependency Self-Evaluation Quiz, “Rick Reynolds” (22 minute video), Codependent Love Song, 4 Sick Statements, Healthy Song, Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.   

11Addiction & the Five Basic Genetic Needs  Reviews, Relationship Between Enabling Behavior and Substance Abuse, The 5 Basic Genetic Needs, “Basic Needs Assessment” (4:04 video), How to Counsel yourself & Others, Sick Mate? Quality Pictures, Two responses When Provoked, Dr. Gabor Maté, MD on “Addiction to Power” (19 minute video), Joke, 10 Hot Topics! Defensiveness Self-Evaluation Quiz, “Did I Shave My Legs For This?” Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

12Work & Gambling Addictions  Review, Part1: Relationship Between Work Addiction and Substance Abuse, “Work Addiction” (9 minute video), Work Addiction Information, 3 Stages of All Addictions, Work Self-Evaluation Quiz, Joke; Part2: Relationship Between Work Addiction and Suicide, Gambling Addiction Information, Gambling Quotes and “Blackjack” with Ray Charles, Gambling Self-Evaluation Quiz, “Gambling Addiction” (8 minute video),  Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.       

13Self-Evaluation and Forgiveness  Reviews, Relationship Between Resentment & Substance Abuse, How to Counsel Yourself and Others, Boss Management and Lead Management, “SAS Business” (13 minute video), Joke, How Can I Tell If I Am Mentally Healthy?, Self-Evaluation Questions, 10 Reasons to Forgive, Forgiveness-3 Steps, Forgiveness Self-Evaluation Quiz, Amends, Story Corp on Forgiveness, Forgiveness FAQs, Violence vs. Peace, “The Amish” (3 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.  

14Stress & Tolerance  Review, Part1:  Relationship Between Stress and Substance Abuse, “Telomeres” (10 minute video), Stress Solutions, Hand on PFC Photos, Stress Self-Evaluation Quiz, Joke, “Meditation in Fairfield, Iowa” (10 minute video), 5 Discussion Questions; Part2:  Relationship Between Not Understanding Others and Using, Identifying Brain Types, the 16 Brain Types, Brain Type Self-Evaluation Quiz, Female and Male Brain, Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

15Justified Resentments & Drills  Review, Relationship Between Intimidation and Substance Abuse,  Review of 7 Peaceful Answers to Conflict, 10 Conflict Drill Questions, Joke, Top Priority in Marriage, Love Definition, Cycle of Abuse, Cycle of Love, “No Justified Resentments” (15 minute video), Relapse Prevention, Violence Self-Evaluation Quiz, “Can Money Buy Happiness” (3 minute video), Meditation, 5 Discussion Questions.

16Maintaining Inner Peace  Reviews, Relationship Between Inner Peace and Abstinence, “Medical Hypnotism” (10 minute video), Meditation1 and 2, Ocean Wave Meditation, Joke, Meditation3, PFC Hand to Forehead Photos, Meditation4, 3 Stages of All Addictions, Retake Alcohol-Drug-Adult-Teen Quiz, 10 Funniest Dysfunctional Country Songs, “50 Inmates Meditate” (9:43 video),  5 Discussion Questions. 

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