Are visual presentations for Domestic Violence groups more effective than lectures?

The OSHA Training Study found that visual and aural presentations provide a 65% retention rate, not just 10% for lectures.


  • 1. Students Role Play nine progressively more difficult conflicts in 3 separate lessons
  • 2. We can help you teach the 13 Intimacy Skills.
  • 3. Can you remember more than 5 false beliefs about Domestic Violence? We count 18.
  • 4. Do you have the latest stats and charts at hand?
  • 5. No hunting for videos and then cuing them up. Just push "play."
  • 6. No books required - students like the free online downloads.
  • 7. No Drills, No Skills. 40 drills included. Kinesthetics pay attention.
  • 8. Many students have ADHD. Fast paced classes keep the visuals, orals and kinesthetics engaged.
  • 9. Organized review of intimacy skills.
  • 10. Choice Theory is the only "evidence based" therapy model. Details upon request.
  • 11. Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Parenting, Alcohol-Drug Abuse classes available in English or Spanish.
  • 12. Student attention and approval improved with visuals from 78% to 98%.
  • 13. Students learn better with visuals: 54% US adults read below 6th grade level (Gallup); 21% reading impaired (NCES).
  • 14. We can show you how to simultaneously present our online classes to your "in-person" and Zoom groups.

Experienced counselors enhance their presentations;
Interns become accomplished.

For more information see the following 5 minute Video explanation: