What Clients Say about the Author –then– What Counselors Say

  • Dennis is the greatest therapist I have ever met.  I have had more than a few counselors in my life.  Dennis is the best.  He made me understand what he is teaching.  My life has totally changed for the better because of him.  I want him to know this.  Rick
  • I have more control over my own emotions.  I am able to bounce her efforts to bring me down to a victim thinking level.  These classes should be mandatory for both parties especially if married with children.  I now have peace, harmony and happiness in my marriage.  Michael
  • My life is now wonderful.  The class has made me think before I act, not the other way around.  Most important, I believe that I can handle anything that comes my way.  Dennis is very kind, compassionate and explains things at my level.  Joannessa
  • Surprisingly, this class helped me more than I thought possible.  In a very real way, Dennis program is very easy to understand and is user friendly.  I plan to continue to implement his program with second thought, Fair Fight Negotiation etc. and I meditate regularly.  I want a peaceful, integrated and fulfilling life to understand myself and the world around me as much as possible. Brian
  • Looking inside me has been the biggest eye opening event I’ve experienced in my life.  I see my faults instead of ignoring them.  I use the breathing exercise and meditation. Travis
  • I don’t have to be right anymore.  I use bounce it and meditation.  I want to start a business, pay off my mortgage and continue to live as a creator healer.  Aldino
  • Dennis is a great teacher.  These skills should be taught in Grade School and High School.  The class made me look inside myself to see what was bothering me in my life.  I think differently now.  The knowledge I have about different brain types helps me a lot.  I want to finish my real estate classes and use Fair Fight Negotiation at the closing table.  Winston
  • Every aspect of my life is better, my emotional control, communication skills and home life.  Kathleen
  • My life is happier in the here and now with the skills I learned from Dennis. Leo
  • I choose to be single.  However in my next relationship I will be able to pick a creator. Flicia
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, Dennis is an 11.  He is a wonderful teacher and I’m very glad he was my teacher. Charlenia
  • I am using the skills I learned from Dennis to teach my children the right way to handle stressful situations. Dottie
  • I meditate more often and find I have much better control over my life and emotions.  I will continue to meditate and further my spiritual evolution. Charles
  • I use the second thought a lot.  I bounce things off of me that would normally get to me.  I meditate.  I know now that I can handle anything that comes up in my life positively. Jared
  • I can now solve my family issues and get back with my children.  I want to be a good father and get more education.  James
  • I can resolve conflict peacefully now without the use of my fists. David
  • It would be nice if Dennis wasn’t going to retire from teaching these classes. Beth
  • We don’t fight or yell at each other no more.  We use bounce it, power of surrender, breathing and the second thought. Anthony
  • I’m more in control of my inner peace bubble.  I want to maintain my inner peace and start a healthy relationship with someone. Demetrius
  • I feel more confident in the way I act in my home and at my job as well.  Fair Fight Negotiation was the most useful skill. Renee
  • I will continue my meditation and self improvement. Matthew
  • I use meditation and timeouts.  I can deal with stress a lot better than before.  I am going to return to college and get a new major. Christina
  • I really don’t get mad any more.  I don’t let people get to me and I feel good too. Alvin
  • Every topic is helpful but timeouts work the best.  I have better living skills and a better relationship with a new girlfriend.  Eddie
  • I use bounce it, the second thought and the nutrition information.  My life at work and home is fantastic. Rob
  • Dennis is a great counselor.  I use all the living skills I have picked up. Bryan
  • I am more at peace.  I have learned to talk things out.  John
  • The course was informative and helpful.  I want to have a great family and have fun with my two daughters.  I want to help my tribe (Paiute) the best way I can.  Darren
  • I understand that I was in the searcher stage.  I have less arguments and conflict resolution skills now.  Jason
  • Dennis really helped me out and covered all the issues that I had the most problems with.  Dennis
  • I was able to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner rather than having a quick trigger. Eugene
  • I have more self control and the positive responses are automatic.  Henry
  • Dennis gave me a better sense of peace and strength.  Joe
  • I am able to resolve issues without violence.  Nick
  • I wish this Class was taught in school because people would understand and deal with life’s problems with tools and skills. Robert
  • Dennis taught me about the power of surrender, meditation, and living in the now.  As a consequence my life has been more peaceful and I am aware and smart about certain issues. Tino
  • The resources I learned have given me the ability to control myself in all avenues of my life.  Dan
  • I learned to open my mind, control myself and really use the power of my second thought. Roy
  • I have a better avenue of communication with my spouse and know we do have choices in our thoughts and actions from the six basic living skills.  Jeffrey
  • I can handle any situation that is placed before me. Armando
  • I am more centered and controlled and I don’t let anyone control my emotions. Benton
  • My whole outlook on life has improved!  I am very thankful for this opportunity.  Debra
  • I am more in tune with who I am and focused on keeping my inner peace.  Zach

What Counselors Say about the Author’s Seminars

This training is the most comprehensive and useful 15 hours a counselor could have.

The information on prison studies and meditation is fascinating.  The 7 peaceful answers to conflict are extremely useful.  I cannot think of a topic that was missed.  The seminar should last more days!

Thank you.  This was very informative and enjoyable.  I not only learned things for the clients but for myself!!

I really enjoyed the financial section, meditation and the dating questions.

I am starting out so you covered things I really never thought about addressing and now I will.

I learned that I can help my clients identify victim behavior and guide them to becoming creators.  Handling conflict with Fair Fight Negotiation was also fabulous.

Thanks,  the seminar gave me a BOOST.  It will help me make personal changes to move toward being a better professional.

The seminar was extremely useful.  I intend to use it in teaching middle schools as well as my impulse control class.

I really enjoyed the entire workshop.  Dennis is wonderful instructor, trainer and facilitator.  Very credible.

This class will definitely enhance my skills as an instructor.

This seminar most definitely will be helpful in my professional life.  I appreciate Dennis’ time, work and efforts.

The most helpful instruction was the distinction between non important and important issues in relationships.  Also, the concept of the Power of Surrender.

I wish we could use the PowerPoint presentation Dennis used in our agency.

Great workshop, Dennis.  Thanks!

What helped me the most was understanding my mate’s brain type and my own.  I also learned new information about resolving credit problems and handling money issues in a relationship.  I really learned a lot.  Thanks so much.

I would like to attend more workshops like this one!

I appreciated the information for clients on handling finances.  Most of them need this information and don;t always get it.

There is no need to improve this presentation.  It is excellent.

The presentation was very inspiring and will make me a better person and counselor.

The skill that was most useful for me was the relaxation techniques.

It was an excellent presentation with great class dynamics.  One of the few presentations I have attended with such Quality.

I think Dennis is a great instructor.  Very succinct and to the point.

The presentation was easy to grasp.

The Living Skills were great information.  You did a great job!  I will attend again.

This seminar will be helpful in my professional life as well as my personal life.  Great job, well done.  Bravo.

Dennis was energetic, real, gave information freely and was knowledgeable.

I enjoyed the seminar.  Dennis is very good in covering everything.

All topics covered were a valuable learning experience for me.  Most useful was Fair Fight Negotiation, conflict resolution.

After such an excellent presentation it is difficult to find room for improvement.  It was professionally presented in all ways.  There was great variety in the presentation.  Thank you.

I do believe that to live is a great opportunity.  To have a choice of how to live a better life is free.  We just have to take it.  Thanks for this wonderful course.

The section on creator grieving gave me new valuable information.  Excellent presentation.

I liked the handouts, the videos and the explanation of facts that prove it works.  It was a great seminar.

The seminar was outstanding.  The self evaluation questions will be helpful in my practice.

This seminar is excellent.

The seminar was refreshing.  I learned about meditation and how it can help relieve stress.  Excellent workshop.

Fair Fight Negotiation and meditation helped me the most.  It was an excellent presentation!  Very practical and applicable.

The presentation does not need to be improved.  I enjoyed it.  I liked the handouts, the visuals, etc.  Most presenters don’t understand the different learning types.  Thank you.

This was a great learning experience.

I liked the three stages of a relationship and the three floors.  I enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation and the handouts.

Great job!  I really enjoyed the two days.  I hope to participate in more of your presentations.  Thanks.

It was very complete.  It was a very informative and educational seminar.

I can take this information and share it with my coworkers and friends.  I enjoyed the music, the jokes and the videos.  I am working on developing my meditation practices.

Dennis, I really appreciate your knowledge and your enthusiasm in presenting your seminars.  I have learned a lot from you and will continue to attend your workshops.

The 7 Peaceful Answers to Conflict really help clients once they distinguish between issues that are important and unimportant.

This seminar is extremely helpful.  I look forward to next year’s seminar.

I would like to attend again next year.  I reviewed the CD and was again inspired.

I really liked the dating questions.  They are very useful to me personally.

I really loved the use and structure of your PowerPoint presentation and your frequent breaks.  When somebody believes in and loves what they are teaching, it is evident to the ones learning.

I like all your 38 Questionnaires that help self diagnosis.  I like your reparenting outlook.  I appreciate your passion for helping and healing.  You have great stamina!

I know that I will be a better instructor for having attended your seminar.  I will infuse your new ideas and approaches in my teaching style and content.