Domestic Violence Course

For Students, Counselors and Agencies:

Domestic Violence Course
by Dennis Fitzpatrick

This monumental work of 920 slides, 60 edited videos (2+ per class) in 26 classes was developed by Dennis Fitzpatrick over the last 12 years to help court mandated Domestic Violence offenders learn new skills.

Individuals:  Some courts will permit a person to take a course online.  We will supply you with the necessary documents to submit to the court for approval. (Some states do not approve of Domestic Violence online courses.)  Our questions are not only True/False but are thought questions that require email correspondence between the student and one of our certified male and female counselors.  The cost of our online course is $35 an hour for each hour required by the court.  For example, an 8 hour course would cost $280 while a 2 hour course would cost only $70.

Agencies: A good PowerPoint projector (3,000 lumens) costs less than $300.  A large screen TV costs $500 or more.  Also, the projector is not limited in screen size like a TV.  Try the first few classes at no charge.

Students only retain 10% of material from lectures but 65% from visuals (Dept. of Labor Study).  Finally an effective visual package is available.  It contains the keys to change with 40 Self-Evaluation Quizzes and Drill  Fitzpatrick also holds workshops and trains counselors.

Watch the following video on the Domestic Violence Course (5:38)

There are 20 Advantages of the PPT class.  Here are the main ones:
  • 65% retention rate by visual and oral means over 10% oral only presentations.  (OSHA US Dept. of Labor Outreach Training Study, 1996)
  • 81% (visuals and kinesthetics) are not being effectively taught, only orals.
  • Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text (Stohlman, 2009, 2010)
  • Students like visuals better: 74% approval went to 98% (Coohill, Penn State, 2010).  Watching videos is considered fun, sadly, reading is not today.  Approximately 20% of Domestic Violence clients are reading impaired.
  • Counselors are teaching uniform approaches in all classes
  • It can take 11 repetitions to learn a new idea.  Review of skills is organized.
  • No drills=No skills.  40 Drills and Self Evaluation Quizzes featured.
  • Printed books not used.  Attention should be on the screen and the counselors.  Clients who want copies can download them for free or counselors can print out requested drills, quizzes or main slides from the free 232 page online PDF.
  • No hunting for Videos or DVDs, then cueing them. Just push a button.  The PowerPoint presentation features 26 classes with 60 Videos (2+ per class) and 920 slides.
  • No hunting for follow up video questions.
  • No hunting for Drills or a Quiz on Jealousy, for example.
  • Can you remember more than 5 provocative beliefs about Domestic Violence?  There are at least 18.
  • Can you remember which skills you reviewed lately and which you did not review?  How long has it been since you reviewed Fair Fight Negotiation?
  • Incorporate your favorite materials in the slides. Ask for a quote.
  • Introverts participate equally with extroverts due to drill rotation.
  • 5 Discussion Topics included for each class.
  • There are comments below each of the 920 slides on how the author, Dennis Fitzpatrick, teaches that slide.
  • There is a 3 page short description of the content of each of the 26 classes.
  • There is also a free Log available which lists the 26 classes with their videos, special features, self evaluation Quizzes and other material.
  • PowerPoint teaches more skills and material effortlessly in half the time.
  • Not boring like a lecture.
  • Visuals keep the class interesting.
  • No matter which class I go to, there is consistency in material.
  • I learn something each time.
  • I can go to the website and download material I like for free.
  • I do not have to buy an expensive book.
  • The drills help me to see where I am at in relation to the topic.
  • The class is organized. I am not wasting my time.
  • The organized reviews help me to learn new skills.
  • I like the jokes I can take home to my children.
  • I like the discussion topics.

PDF of This Page

Download HERE a free 28 page PDF entitled, “Why Buy!”
Download HERE a free 3 page PDF entitled DV Description of Classes 1-26
Download HERE a free 5 page PDF entitled DV Log of Classes 1-26
Download HERE a free 232 page PDF entitled Domestic Violence Class Slides”
Click HERE to print or view slides by class from the Domestic Violence Class 

For free samples, price and details, contact Dennis Fitzpatrick by email at: [email protected]